Now this friend of mine, NAILED the colors. Does anything look better together than saffron (is that the color of yellow leaves?) and burgundy (or wine or maroon or whatever color they’re wearing!) ? I’ll answer than, no, nothing better.


Oh my gosh I love how these pictures turned out. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to tame the wild ones in this family. You can see the charm and pout in one of them below. I also adore when these sisters look at each other, you can practically hear their them plotting something.

What beautiful, wild, sweet girls (and B!).

Seasons in the Sun

Somehow it went right from winter to summer in Saskatchewan. The one week out of the year there were lilacs in bloom we got out to take some pictures with an adorable little family (A+ Mother's Day gift!). It was a bright sun shiny day, perfect to chase after this little mouse.


One day, like happens every year, all the leaves fell off all the trees. Instantly. So that was the end of "fall photos" for another year. But that's ok because my new favorite thing is "winter photos"! Sorta. There isn't snow, but that just means it's not too cold!! And evergreens are awesome! 

THE park.

Oh man. If you live in Warman, don't let me go anywhere but this place to take pictures. It is my favorite for sure. The light, the trees, the promise of the playground at the end! 

I also tried a little different editing on some of these (I always give a basic version of the photo as well as the "special" ones). Be sure to let me know if you like it! I just seemed very fall.

Now back to this adorable family. So cute. This dude was so busy, but so happy! Too bad we couldn't find whoever was chomping those trees down hey bud?

So, when should we take pictures?

She was so cute. "I dunno, when do people usually get maternity pictures done?" I told her, whenever, but once you've got a good bump, it's not likely to get MORE comfortable the closer you get. "Ok, how's Monday?" Perfect. 

Well then I happened to hear how the rest of her night went. She went into labour oh like 5 hours later!! And a week later I met this dude!

Family is the best thing you could ever wish for...

...they are there for you during the ups and downs and love you no matter what.

This family is the sweetest, I had a great time with them on a beautiful afternoon.  And what a great idea with the Canada 150 clothes for a picture (there's a nice one too, but thought I'd keep it interesting on here!) I also really appreciated them being so cool with my kids tagging along! Thanks again!


Winter Wedding

This couldn't be quite called a White Wedding, but we did our best to fake it. It really was a rip off since it was crazy cold. You'd think we could at least get some snow to go with that? (But no mosquitos this time right Meahgan?!)

This couple is adorable, and so completely in love. It's easy to take pictures of people like this!

Do your ears hang low?

This little munchkin was so cooperative! He gave me sweet little smiles for all my tricks (beeping noses was key this time!). But holy smokes, when his mom started singing "do your ears hang low", (which I guess is a Grandma song?) it was like a wind-up toy! He started doing this adorable elbow dance and his face just lit up! I'll have to add that one to my repertoire! (plus check out the babes he's got for parents!!)


Weather kind of cooperated for a mini shoot the other weekend.  And frankly, in just a mini-session, your nose won't turn red and your fingers blue until we're done anyway! ;) 

How cute are these guys? Just look at Blondie's flow! Made of pure sunshine. (I also had to include the annual picture of Dad sticking out his tongue. Pretty sure that makes 3 of these I've got now?).

Some Artsy ones

Wanna hear something crazy?  I took just under 500 pictures of this family! WHAT?! Yes that is higher than normal. It was such  beautiful night and location (and the other 12 photographers out at the same time thought so too! haha!). When I have that many options in my editing, I can get a little creative. It's not for everyone, but I included a couple of my more highly edited ones in this peak, just to share.

Remember these good old days?

Sometimes we just luck out with weather. We booked this date more than a month in advance I think. Just hoping Sunday afternoon would be nice. And some people just get lucky (apologies to those of you who did not get so lucky with the weather in the last couple weeks, keep your fingers crossed we'll have good weather again in the next few weeks?!).

How great looking is this family? Again, I think I'm over sharing photos but every one was my favorite.

A Funny Story...

So here's a funny story. You know how when you dress your kids up nice, you always grown at them "DON'T HORSE AROUND! We don't want you to get dirty until after pictures are done!!"? Well these kids were behaving great, we had done like 3 pictures, and I, the photographer, go and throw one of the kids in the pond. Oops!  Well not quite, I went to PRETEND to push one child in, and she got startled and grabbed her brother (whom she says she thought was the tree) to catch herself, and ends up pulling him knee deep into the fancy fish pond thingy.  Luckily he was wearing some dark jeans so you couldn't really tell in the rest of the pictures.  And he had a great attitude luckily, after he dumped a couple cups of water out of each shoe! 

What I'm saying is I'm great with kids.

See if you can figure out which picture was before the pond incident. 

Early Fall

So these colors look normal now, but I think this might have been the first tree in Saskatoon to turn colors this fall. Everywhere else was still green, but we found a little clump that had turned and we took all our pictures here. They turned out great, but that was also in part due to the terrific subjects!!

Have family, will travel!

If it's ever too much trouble to get ALL your family coordinated for a trip to Saskatoon, or if there's a special location you'd like to include in your photos, I do travel for photos!

These were taken in the hidden gem of Beechy! My phone was telling me it was just 4 minutes away, but I still couldn't see it at all, so definitely hidden. And it is NOT required, but this lovely family fed me after the shoot, and therefore are my favorite family.


Well thank goodness we postponed a couple times, because the night we had for this couldn't have been more beautiful. Well, if mosquitoes suddenly went extinct then I guess that would have been better. We had to deal with insane mosquitoes last time I took these guys pictures as well...Better hope nothing weird goes on in December at their wedding!

But my point is, we had a great location, great weather, great light and these are great people. You can see how happy and fun they are in their smiles and laughter. And you can see their love in their smooches!   *ew!*

Grad Photos

I can't believe I haven't taken grad photos prior to this. There were like only 2 occasions in my life I got photos taken, my grad and my wedding. (not quite true, there were maybe 3 family photos in my whole life my parents arranged. And of course now we do it annually).

That said, these turned out pretty good! Can't see the sweat soaking through the clothes yet from the boiling hot noon sun!


Look how coordinated this family looks! Nailed it huh? 

And I thought I'd address something I've heard people say before regarding clothing for photos. I've heard don't wear white, and don't wear patterns. Well these guys did all that and it looks great. I think white in photos can be unflattering, and you might stand out too much in your group if they're all darker. If it looks good on you, and you blend reasonably well with your group, do it. 

As far as patterns, nice solid stripes are good, polka dots are good, plaid is good. If it fits your personality it's good too (like some wacky shorts with hamburgers on them?). Really loud, bold patterns will stand out, so make sure it coordinates with your group. Kid clothes can be trickier since they're often so bold (my son is wearing tiger pants right now). If you're in doubt, stick to something more subtle or classic, but it definitely can be done. 

My big don't is logos, or words on shirts. Subtle can be ok, but we're not shooting a commercial. The main problem clothing can cause is taking away from the people and faces, which is what we're really aiming for.