"I need to go play with my engines, mom."

"Do you remember what color James is? James is the Red Engine on Sodor."  Therefore, he is the best.

"Thomas and Percy are best, best friends."

 "Little Toby is going beside the Express." He ran out of room in front, so they're going beside now.

"Big James is pushing Little James's buffers." These guys are buffing gently, but sometimes they "crash and a-bang."

"Where's Bertie gonin? He's gonin to the Sodoh Such E Wes Q Sent Ah." [Sodor Search and Rescue Center] Other popular destinations - Farmer McCoal's Farm, the Water Tower, Knapford Station, Brendam Docks, the Quarry, the Coal Hopper, the Steam Works. But my favorite is the Sodoh Such E Wes Q Sent Ah.