Why can't it be summer yet?

This weather is nuts. I don't remember having this much snow at my birthday before. I remember one birthday where I got a new spring coat - blue fleece with florescent yellow and orange. I wanted the one that was mostly florescent yellow but Mom wanted the blue one because she thought I'd get the other too dirty. This is when florescent colors were THE best. Grade 5? I think it was from the SAAN store in Humboldt. I remember Dad flipping a coin to see if I could get the yellow one.  I won, then he said best of 3. I won again. I won like a million times in a row. So eventually they just said no, sorry.  Well the first time I wear this blue coat was my birthday, I go walking with some friends, breaking ice in our rubber boots. Then my feet get stuck, you know how they do sometimes in rubber boots? Both feet are stuck and I fall forward into the muddy water. I was planking before it was cool, up to my elbows in my new coat. Luckily it wasn't florescent yellow, because that mud came out no problem from the sensible blue fleece.

ANYWAY, that's the kind of weather it's supposed to be on my birthday. Rubber boots and fleece coats. Not wind and snow warnings. Maybe next year we can go the other extreme to make up for it?