Never had family pictures before

 This family had never had family pictures before. As in ever. We had to fix that.

Have you had family pictures? Even if you don't really want pictures of yourself, in 5 years, you'll wish you had pictures from now. I always think that I'm not getting pictures for now anyway, I'll just leave them in a box or on a disk for awhile. Until something's changed, then I'll want to see what it used to be like. Maybe the baby's walking now, maybe I lost 10 lbs, maybe JR's adult tooth filled in that cute gap that used to be there.

This is the last of my, ah-hem, "professional" pictures so far. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with photography. I like taking pictures. I even really like editing pictures. I like being an inexpensive photographer too, so it's not like it will replace my income. But I do want to do it more. So if you have never had family pictures before, or if you just want to come play model for me, let me know!