Sensory play

I got this idea from my friend Dyan's blog here. We haven't played in the water for awhile, and now all of a sudden Tom doesn't like bath time! So I thought I'd try and get him interested in water again. And Jack always likes making a mess!

Basically we just played with bubbles in a tub on the kitchen floor.

We splashed and played with the bubbles. And Jack promptly climbed in the tub, as he always does. I don't have any pictures before his clothes came off because I was still making bubbles. Instead of pouring into the funnel and measuring and dumping with the spoons and cups, Jack was tossing cupfuls of water out of the tub, onto the fridge, on his brother, towards me, everywhere.

 I tried to keep cool, remembering this was about sensory play and it was just soapy water, and according to Dyan, he'd like cleaning it up just as much. But eventually I called it quits and dumped the rest of the water.

Unfortunately my kids aren't as industrious as Dyan's. Or maybe don't have as good of an example of cleaning the floor. When I asked Jack to help dry it up and wash the floor all he wanted to do was throw wet rags on the floor and watch them splash!

I ended up with clean floor, because I was on my hands and knees scrubbing it, and I guess the boys got in their sensory play!