Rainy wedding

I took pictures for my cousin's wedding earlier this summer. They had an outdoor wedding, and of course, it rained. I know some people can have outdoor weddings with sunshine, but because I was involved, it rained. 

So we just took pictures in my Aunty's bedroom. (it was the wedding location, and she had a big patio door and a large room. We also thought the rain would let up and we could go outside eventually)

 Is candy the new trend in wedding favors? I've seen it at a couple weddings, I'm a fan.

 And of course it took ALL day for the rain to stop. But it did, and I made sure to take advantage of it!

 It rained on my wedding too, and they say it's good luck. However, as the bride and I discussed, that's probably what they tell us when it rains on our wedding day to make us not feel bad.