I went camping and I'm so sad. The camping was great (cabin camping is the way to go!) but we planned it for the end of summer, and that means now is the End of Summer.

Luckily the weather is holding up for a week or so so I can pack in all my fun summer things before they're gone. We biked to the pool one more time this weekend. Maybe one more time to the Railway Museum, and Kinsmen Park.

But a bunch of the fun stuff I want to do are fall things too, so I can't be too sad.  Corn maze, fireworks festival, picking garden vegetables, school shopping. And the light that comes when shadows are long making the remaining greenery just glow. I literally gasped looking at just the parking lot this morning with the light filtering through the trees.  It is the prettiest time of year.

To help me get over my melancholy and give summer one last hurrah I'm planning a family session day!  Unfortunately this fall I'm also having surgery and will be out of commission for most of October. So to pack the most pictures in to the least time I'm setting up September 11th around Kinsmen Park (and the river, and other areas around there), and offering an hour session with either a disk of pictures or a print package for $150.  Let me know if you wanted to book!