A Funny Story...

So here's a funny story. You know how when you dress your kids up nice, you always grown at them "DON'T HORSE AROUND! We don't want you to get dirty until after pictures are done!!"? Well these kids were behaving great, we had done like 3 pictures, and I, the photographer, go and throw one of the kids in the pond. Oops!  Well not quite, I went to PRETEND to push one child in, and she got startled and grabbed her brother (whom she says she thought was the tree) to catch herself, and ends up pulling him knee deep into the fancy fish pond thingy.  Luckily he was wearing some dark jeans so you couldn't really tell in the rest of the pictures.  And he had a great attitude luckily, after he dumped a couple cups of water out of each shoe! 

What I'm saying is I'm great with kids.

See if you can figure out which picture was before the pond incident.