Thank You Tracy

This is my dear friend Tracy. We've been friends for a long time. I'll do the math but it will make me feel old. I have been friends with Tracy for approximately 15 years. Since about second year university. The first time I saw Tracy was actually in about 1995 or so, playing against her in junior volleyball. She always wore knee-high, colorful socks, so easy to remember. Actually, because I recognized her, I didn't want to be friends with her in first year!

We have a lot in common. We met at the U of S, both in Engineering. Both in Civil. We both went to get our Master's Degree after that. We both have 2 high-energy boys, almost the same ages too. So we would often pick each other's brain about things. How do you get your boys to sleep? How many rounds of edits do you do on your thesis? And we both were laid off from our engineering jobs too. How do you deal? What do I do?

Tracy is an inspiration to me in this new, post-engineering world. She has embraced this new life, recognizing that she was not enjoying the consulting world and needed to do something else. So she rounded up her courage and took a step in pretty much the opposite direction - life coaching. She got certified and started her own business Tracy Joy Life Coaching. And let me tell you, if there is one thing better than having a best friend who went through a lay-off to talk to, it's having that person be a life coach! After talking with Tracy I always feel better. Obviously she has amazing insight into this specific situation I'm finding myself in, but just talking to her about kids, or business or guilt, she's always insightful and helpful. I encourage you to check out her weekly blog as well, she's very honest and vulnerable in these, and often addresses common mom-type issues, guilt, fear, procrastination, etc. She also hosts workshops and retreats that can be found on her website and facebook.

So how do I reward her? By putting her on the spot and volunteering her to help me out! I had an idea about a type of photo session I would like to offer, and in discussing this with Tracy, I accidentally volunteered her to be a model, and her house to be my studio! And she was gracious enough to not say anything about it.

And it was a bit uncomfortable at first I'm sure! Because what was my big idea? Why "glamour" type photos! (yes that name is super awkward, but just think of it as grad photos for grown-ups! or fancy headshots! or boudoir with clothes!) So not only did she have to seriously model, but I made her wear a bunch of make-up that she normally doesn't. 

BUT - these pictures turned out amazing. I think that after about 2 shots she felt much more comfortable. I coached her through the poses and she trusted me enough to stop caring and just go with the flow. She ended up looking super hot and completely natural!


There was another friend with us during this, her pictures will come on Sunday. And it was really fun! A shoot like this would always be super fun with some girlfriends or sisters! And maybe a bottle of wine to help with that initial awkwardness. ;)  Let me know if you want in!