Last of the busy week, last minute photos.

This is the last session from my insanely busy week. How on earth I ended up with 5 shoots in 1 week I don't understand. I'm not complaining! But it was a lot! So this one is delayed a bit. Sorry.

You may recognize my friend Tracy. We were having a play date and talking about the weekend. I think I just had something rescheduled so was doing absolutely nothing. And she had her entire family getting together for the first time in many years. Then we continued with the play date.

"Wait a minute!" Tracy said "we should have pictures!" so she called her family who were already on their way out and said to be ready for it the next day!

This was a bit more casual than a typical shoot. It was just outside their house, and my son was even sleeping in the van next to me while I shot!


oh! I have to share this tip to any other photographers! The little guys were getting a bit restless and their eyes were darting around (as always happens with kids). But I grabbed a lady bug crawling up my foot and put it on my shutter finger. Perfect eye contact!! Then of course adorable pictures of kids with bugs.