We EARNED these!

I'm really proud of these pictures. This Missy > made me WORK for these shots! But they turned out better than I could imagine.  I can't hold it against her though. They went for supper after these and she threw up twice! 

In case you forget what city you live in, there are some landmarks in this one.

THIS family!

Man I like this family! The kids are sweet, but still silly and fun (get this from Dad maybe?), Mom and Dad clearly love each other, and they all clearly like each other. They're just cool. PLUS everything about these pictures was easy! We took them quick, they're all smiles and they required like no editing! (so what's my excuse for being late with these? Nevermind! Shh!)

There's an even funnier one than this, but I don't want to spoil Christmas cards!

Now you better blow this one up for your room A! It's so nice I want it for MY room!

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry for the delay, I got behind in my picture editing. They're coming, they're coming. And to start with we'll do these!

This family is adorable. The little guy was not too into smiling for me, and the big guy was almost too fast to keep up with. But then at the end they must have made some kind of agreement and the photo equivalent of the sun breaking threw the clouds happened:

Three kids are a lot!

It was a pretty chilly morning for these pictures. I've taken pictures for these guys for a few years now, and it's fun to see them grow up! 3 kids is a lot more than just 2 though! These guys are great parents and don't even break a sweat. But getting everyone to look and smile at the same time definitely challenged me!!


In which I sound like an old lady...

My old lady quote "Oh my gosh! They're getting so big!!" I mean, of course they are, and when I only see them about once a year there's going to be some growth in between, but it's still surprising to see. 

We had a beautiful evening with some awesome colors. And poor missy with her teeth even smiled for some.  :)

Christmas Pictures

This photo session was purchased in a fundraiser auction for a friend who had some terrible medical problems recently. The timing was PERFECT to get some Christmas pictures done. These boys didn't quite know what their roles were, you know, sitting still and stuff.  ;)  But they were smiling, I just had to move a bit more!


Is it a rule that photographer's kids are terrible at getting their pictures taken? I don't think it's because I stick my camera in their face 24/7, because I've totally given that up. I almost never take pictures of my guys because I know they do not cooperate. However, we've got 1 without any tears.

FAVORITE time of day

Thanks so much R for agreeing to pictures at this time of day! And thank you for showing me a new cool place for pictures! It was a challenge, but there are some real sweet ones here (at least 3! ;)  )

THIS is what kind of shoot it was!  But I won her over by the end.