Week 4 - Cultures

This week I'm going to talk about different cultures with the kids. This one will be pretty loosely educational and mostly fun. I thought it would flow nicely after the maps, we can talk about where the different cultures are on the maps!  The plan is going to be:

  • Monday - a British tea party with just T while J is at school. He's pretty into pouring water, so we'll make a bunch of different "tea" he can pour for us. (we're quite busy Mondays with school and soccer. Plus I declared Mondays International Day of Laundry and that takes up most of the whole day!)
  • Tuesday - Wanuskewin. The weather seems pretty nice, I'll have both kids. I haven't been since my Grade 5 class trip. It looks like it will just cost us $12.50. We may invite some of our friends along with this one. You can learn more on their website here. We'll go in the morning and then maybe be inspired to make some dream catchers or maybe just watch movies. I'll be honest, I thought about Pocahontas, but I'm pretty sure that movie is not really cool with the cultural sensitivity and stuff (obviously not how the real story of Pocahontas and John Smith goes!) but I don't know of any others at the moment.
  • Wednesday - Another school day, so just me and T. So the activities will probably be minimal, probably print out some coloring pages since he's my little artist. I'm thinking Chinese dragons, Egyptian Pyramids, maybe make a rain stick, playing with our Russian stacking dolls, and the other souvenirs from Grandma and Grandpa and the places they've been.  
  • Thursday - It's T's birthday! So we'll have a Luau! Make Hawaiian pizza, leis, show pictures from when my husband and I were in Hawaii this winter, learn to limbo. Make fruit kabobs.
  • Friday - Fiesta day! Tacos, DIY pinatas, house decorations. Double duty, getting ready for the birthday party on Saturday!

That's the plan at least! I'll update with pictures as we go!

Week 3 - MAPS printables

Here are the links to the printables we used when talking about Maps! Click through to the source.

^ this one has a couple other awesome printables to make an Earth book that would be good for older kids, drawing their own countries on, some lines to write about the earth.


We also used a map of our community. We happened to do this activity during the week of our town garage sales so there was a map ready and available at the gas station. You can find maps of your communities from the municipal websites usually.

Big List of Summer Activities

Here's a color coded list of the activities we'll try and do at least once this summer. Some are big and some are small. But you should be able to have a look at this and find an activity you can do at home that requires nice weather and no money. Or an outing that you can do for free in poor weather.

Future posts will include details of how we're getting to these activities and some other lessons and fun we bring together with them.  Please join us!


The big list of activities for the summer

Oh Boy!!

You ready for this? It's the list of summer activities that I'm going to attempt to do (at least once) this summer with my kiddos. Later I'll break them down into themes and I'll be chronicling them as we go. Stay tuned.

Activities Big and Small

  1. Blow bubbles
  2. Bouncy castle
  3. Camp in backyard
  4. Play in sprinklers
  5. Water Guns
  6. Make a fairy garden
  7. Do Olympics
  8. Play baseball
  9. Play football
  10. Play soccer
  11. Throw water balloons
  12. Wash van
  13. Do art
  14. Listen/make music
  15. Write a story
  16. Playdough
  17. Video games
  18. Write a letter
  19. Fiesta
  20. Luau
  21. Tea Party
  22. Bake something
  23. Do puzzle
  24. Host Playdate
  25. Lego
  26. Make crafts
  27. Read book
  28. Make bird feeder
  29. Take pictures
  30. Board game
  31. Play Bingo
  32. Exercise
  33. Science Experiments
  34. Paper airplanes
  35. Picnic
  36. Paper boat races
  37. Scavenger hunt
  38. Lemonade stand
  39. Waneskawan
  40. Go to river
  41. Pick berries
  42. Go to a lake $
  43. Spray park
  44. Climb trees
  45. Go to farmer's market $
  46. Go fishing
  47. Zoo $
  48. Visit a farm
  49. Petting Zoo $
  50. Geocaching
  51. New Playground
  52. Go for Ice Cream $
  53. Go to garage sales $
  54. Kinsmen Park $
  55. Swimming $
  56. Mini-golfing $
  57. Fly Kite
  58. Paddling Pool
  59. Train museum $
  60. Take art class $
  61. Visit Grandparents
  62. WDM $
  63. Bowling $
  64. Fun factory/CJs $
  65. Go to movie $
  66. Go to thrift store $
  67. Children's museum $
  68. Visit pet store
  69. Visit somebody
  70. Go on a date $
  71. Go to arcade $
  72. Go to MAP/indoor track $
  73. Trampoline Park $
  74. Go to library
  75. Boat ride (Ferry)
  76. Watch airplanes at airport

The $ indicates it's an activity that costs money.

1 through 34 are kind of at home activities, 39 through 76 are outings, 35 through 38 are either.

1-12 and 35-59 require nice weather and the rest are indoors or just don't matter.

If I can figure out how to post it, I'll put a color coded list in. Stay tuned...