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Your family is perfect. They do not sit still, they rarely listen.  They either never shut up, or won't make eye contact.  One child refuses to wear anything but rubber boots, the other refuses to wear pants. You never have enough kleenex.

And you love spending time with each other. You have epic dance parties and secret handshakes. Nothing is more special than whispering secrets in each other's ear.

Do you have photos that show how awesome your family is together? Or do you worry that your kids won't behave? And you have nothing to wear. There is never a time where junior isn't in a cast, or mom doesn't have an extra 10 lbs on her?

But junior is only 4 for a year, and it's really cute how excited he gets for piggy-backs. And the baby changes every day and before you know it she won't have that gummy smile. Just because you all aren't the "ideal portrait customers" your family is perfect. And you should document that!

My family is perfect too. But I would always avoid getting pictures done. I always had 10 lbs to lose. My kids didn't "sit still and smile". What would the pictures look like? Well, they'd look like us! We're silly, messy and happy.

I know your family isn't capital p - "Perfect".  But I understand. I don't mind playing tag with kids and playing peek-a-boo for 10 minutes to get your baby to warm up to me. Or I can back off and just watch you play and capture the beautiful interactions between you.

If you have a perfect family but don't have pictures that reflect that, send me a line and we can correct that.